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Merry Christmas from Jewelry Corner!

We here at Jewelry Corner would like to wish everyone a safe and happy holiday season! We hope everyone is enjoying this special holiday time with all your friends and family.

As you celebrate the holidays and bring in the New Year at home with your friends and family, don’t forget to think to check on your elderly neighbors, family or friends. Make sure they are warm and comfortable, especially if the temperature drastically drops. Shovel or de-ice their sidewalk or driveway, it can really help them out if they have to walk to check on their mail. Better yet, ask them if you can bring them their mail to hopefully help them avoid a fall.

We at Jewelry Corner have been serving the seniors of Bethesda for almost 30 years and do know that they need special attention and assistance around this time. The holiday season can be the most lonely and depressing times for many senior citizens who have lost a loved one and are totally alone.

And as part of serving the senior community of Bethesda, we are preparing a new service where we will be coming out to senior communities like senior assisted living to provide watch and jewelry repair services. Check back with us as we are preparing and flushing out the details of this great service.

Happy Holidays & Best Wishes!

Team at Jewelry Corner

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